Some necessary words…

Thanks to some comrades who were able to travel from one city to another to visit the comrade Henry Zegarrundo, we were able to do an interview with him. To overcome the difficulties they carried out the interview during two visits, the first of which we made the proposal and left him the written interview so that he could respond in the same way. The second visit was to get his written responses and also share opinions­criterion about the repressive situation and about the solidarity of the anarchist­ libertarian circles, collectives and movement.

The interview has several parts, which we will publish periodically. In this first part we wanted to talk about how it has affected the comrade to live the circumstances and consequences of the repressive blow. We wanted him in his own words to be in charge of analyzing an especially delicate topic: the complicity with the State of some people who call themselves anarchists.

It must be made clear that if he decided not to tell in detail each of the betrayals to the dignified anarchist struggle, it is due firstly to the existence of an open judicial process, an investigation in its course. Also it is important to say that this interview was made in 2012, which is why there are some dates (such as the mobilization within the prisons of the whole country) that were yet to happen.

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